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The Freedom of Education anywhere or anytime and in all fields and means in local languages


Africa Academy is a project of Africa TV Channels. Africa TV Channels was launched in 2009 and one of its main goals was to educate the Muslim community about their religion in their local African language. 


Africa Academy was launched in 2020 in recognition of the importance of online learning in recent times. With this initiative we are bringing the education not only in every household but into the hands of everyone who has a mobile device with an internet connection. 

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Sheikh Muhammad Zain Zahruddin Khalil

Born in Ethiopia in 1383 AH, a graduate of scientific circles in Sharia sciences and the Arabic language, and holder of a number of licenses, and the Sheikh has a large number of legitimate scientific lessons. He worked as a teacher at Abader Islamic School, worked as Secretary General of the Dawa Committee in Addis Ababa, wrote the book The Principles of Faith in the Amharic language, participated in several forums around the world

Dr. Kamal Hajj Galto Mami:

Kamal Hajj Galto Mami, born in Ethiopia in 1957 AD, grew up and educated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, holds a master's degree at the Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah Al-Mukarramah and has learned about a large number of sheikhs, such as Sheikh Mukhtar Al-Shanqeeti and Sheikh Muhammad Amin Al-Shanqeeti and then returned to his country Ethiopia in 1422 AH and taught at the Negus Institute, and the Ansar Institute in Edis Ababa, then currently appointed dean of Al-Ansar College, and an imam and preacher in Al-Ansar Mosque as well, and a member of the Union of African Scholars and participated in several courses held inside and outside the country.

Dr. Abdullah Khader

Sheikh Abdullah Khader Assistant Professor of Arabic Language - Marmara University - Istanbul, majoring in: Islamic Culture and Arabic Philology. Born in Ethiopia in 1962, he holds a master's degree and a doctorate in Islamic culture at the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, and the Sheikh has great interest in teaching and scientific research, and has participated in many scientific courses around the world. Among his most important researches are: - Islam’s view of positive law, dialogue - History of Islamic culture in Ethiopia. A- Muhammad Hami al-Din, contact has been made B- Saeed Mustafa:

Shikh Mohamed Farag

Sheikh Muhammad Faraj Maanu was born in Eljo, Ethiopia, he is a member of the Union of African Scholar s and a member of the General Council of the Imam Al-Bukhari Association. The Sheikh has very great efforts in advocacy, and he has a permanent presence in many satellite and radio channels, and has participated in many seminars





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